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What type of door should I buy? 

There are three main types of steel doors: 1-sided steel, non-insulated; 1-sided steel with vinyl covered insulation; and 2-sided steel with pressure injected polyurethane insulation. If your garage is being heated or is attached to a living space, it is recommended that you choose an insulated door.  A 2-sided steel door provides maximum energy efficiency and an R-Value of 13.45. The higher the R-Value, the more insulated the door is. A 1-sided steel door is best suited for an unheated garage.

When comparing prices, how do I know I am comparing quality? 

Comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges is very important when shopping around for a garage door. Not all doors are made the same! Every door that leaves our lot is upgraded with steel struts (supports) and we use only premium hardware. Struts are attached to the interior of the door sections in order to keep them sturdy and from getting metal fatigued. We put a strut on every section of the door except one, even on insulated doors. For example: A 16’ wide X 7’ tall door would have 4 sections. We would put 3-16’ struts on that door. We also only use professional quality door hardware. This includes, but is not limited to, steel, full-body hinges, steel cables, aluminum drums, rollers with solid steel shafts, etc. We do not use plastic drums or cabinet door hinges on our garage doors!

How do I determine what size door I need? 

Most doors are 8’ , 9’ , 10’ , 12’ , 14’ , 16’ , or 18’ wide. Residential doors are normally 7’ or 8’ tall and commercial doors are most often 10’, 12’ or 14’ tall. However, these sizes are not all inclusive. If you have an existing door, you can measure the actual door for the correct size. If there is no door there now, measure the height and width of the hole to determine possible door size. You will also need to measure from the floor to the ceiling (or the first obstruction in the doors travel path) to determine correct track radius. (Also see: Perfect Frame-In Sheet.)

How do I know if I can use my old hardware, track and torsion springs on a new door?

Your old hardware hole patterns would need to match up to the designated hole pattern on your new door sections. The area that the hardware pieces attaches to are reinforced to prevent damage to the section. Depending on the thickness of your old door compared to the thickness of the new door, you may or may not be able to use your old track. If the two doors are the same thickness, then you can. If they are different, you may have to shim the track back away from the door hole or move it closer. Door manufacturers specify what size springs need to be installed on each door. The size of the spring is determined by the exact weight of the door. Unless your old door is exactly the same weight as your new one, you will need to replace the springs. Winding a torsion spring is very dangerous without the proper tools or training to do so. You can, however, reuse your torsion bar.

Where can I find an operator manuals for popular garage doors and products?

*** WARNING ***
Garage doors use torsion or extension springs to counter balance the weight of the door. Never under any circumstances attempt to adjust, repair, remove or install any spring assembly, bottom fixtures, spring anchor, cables, pulleys, or any other component under spring tension. Contact us for help. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.


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